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About Dufurrena Cutting Horses

Born in Northern Nevada, Ed was raised on a large cow-calf ranch. Through his years of experience there he learned to appreciate the talent and intelligence of a horse in a working environment. Ed moved to California to attend West Hills College and while there was introduced to fitfully trained reined cow horses as well as his wife, Shona. He and Shona eventually moved to Oklahoma to attend Southwestern Oklahoma State University. There Ed developed a deep interest in cutting horses while watching J.B. McLamb and Pat Patterson. After college, Ed and Shona returned to Nevada and started a family. Ed began training horses, focusing primarily on starting colts and showing reined cow horses. His fondness and interest in cutting never waivered and by chance, in 1998, a gentleman arrived at their ranch with a two year-old cutting prospect that he wanted to put in training. Ed was happy to oblige and Smart Little Boogie became the foundation of Ed’s cutting career with winnings of $34,000 and nine aged event finals.

After an auspicious beginning with Smart Little Boogie Ed’s success continued as he was sought out to train other cutting horses. The die had been cast, it seemed, but Ed quickly learned that he needed more knowledge. He began his quest like many others, by seeking out and spending time with top notch trainers such as Russ Miller and Paul Hansma. Along with countless others, they offered their advise and support. Through experience, hard work, and a great support team in his family, Ed Dufurrena continued to succeed. In 2005 the Dufurrena family relocated to Texas to build a new program and realize their dream of building a first class training facility. They now make their home in Gainesville, Texas where they enjoy a flourishing business and breathtaking sunsets.